L'entreprise Schmidt


Ingenious design in harmony with nature

Beyond aesthetics, function and cost, a kitchen must do more – it must be eco-friendly. Ingenious design in harmony with nature: That is Schmidt’s promise to you. Proof in four steps.

Priority to natural materials

The Interior Air Quality Observatory has identified the various types of pollution stemming from materials used in homes. Formaldehyde, substance present in wood-based panels, is a particular target. Indeed, submitted to a high temperature or a high humidity level, it becomes volatile and toxic. To avoid it, look for eco-labels, in particular the NF Environnement Ameublement logo. Schmidt kitchens, certified NF Environnement, are built with particle board with very low formaldehyde rates: two times less than the standard! Priority is given to natural materials that are harmless to humans and to the environment and are fully renewable.


Precious woods

Purchasing quality also means measuring all the forms of energy, materials, water, waste, and pollution that go into the manufacture of a product, its use, and its upkeep, but also its destruction, disassembly and recycling. So, when you choose a Schmidt kitchen, you’re choosing carcases made from wood from sustainably managed forests. Sustainable forest management is a balance over the very long term among economic activities, environmental protection and social progress. You contribute to preserving biodiversity. You also limit emissions of greenhouse-effect gases, which cause global warming.


100% recyclable

Did you know ? Schmidt has gradually got rid of non recyclable PVC
ranges and is implementing the three Rs rule:
Recyclable polypropylene is being used in its place. It's resistant,
great quality and completely recyclable.
Great for the environment and an excellent waste reduction plan.


Local service and quality go hand in hand

Our designers work at two levels: helping our customers achieve a more responsible lifestyle, and finding sustainable product-design solutions. Principles shared with our suppliers, who are also assessed according to environmental criteria. An example: a refrigerator-unit back that uses straw, resin and recycled polypropylene. A part designed in collaboration with a local supplier to reduce the effects of transport. In the same way, Schmidt offers you a broadened range of some twenty models of units with sliding waste bins to optimise waste sorting.

PEFC certification

(Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes). It is a certification that is recognized internationally which guarantees that over 70% of the wood used by the company is from sustainably managed forests. Choosing a Schmidt product is contributing to the well-being of our forests! Schmidt obeys manufacturing and control rules and guarantees wood traceability from the forest to the consumer.