L'entreprise Schmidt



In our plants, sustainable development is a day-to-day experience. It’s a matter of industrial choices, management and, above all, an attitude shared by all.

Saving energy

Economiser l'énergie

Giving priority to low-energy-use investments :
wood boilers, savings in heating and sanitary hot water at the production sites, economical lighting, limitation of empty transport.


Process 100% of waste

Traiter à 100% les déchets

With a policy of zero landfilling, our plants are constantly seeking new treatment networks for their waste. Waste material is systematically recycled or converted into energy via incineration with heat or energy recovery.


Limit polluting emissions

Our group has invested close to a million euros to install a volatile organic compounds (VOC). incinerator. This installation processes an air volume of 80,000 cu. m./hr. with a VOC abatement rate of above 98%, in particular on our lacquering lines.

Did you know?

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 certification is based on aninternational standard, and issued by an independent body.
An ISO 9001 certified product is a guaranteed top quality and great value product because design and manufacturing improvements enrich our products at no extra cost.